Top: Josephine and Kenneth Spencer with their son Billy, Wuppertal, Germany, circa 1954. Above: Kenneth and Josephine Spencer, New York circa 1946


Above: Josephine Levin and Kenneth Spencer, New York, circa 1945 (left); Josephine and Kenneth Spencer, France 1949 (right)

In 1945, Kenneth Spencer met newspaper journalist Josephine Levin at an interview in New York City. Their relationship faced backlash from family members and racial biases from the public.  In 1949, Spencer and Levin sailed on two separate ships for France to avoid unfavorable publicity, and met in Paris, where they were married at the Mairie of the 6e Arrondissement at St. Sulpice on December 8th. They remained living in Paris until they moved to Wuppertal Germany in 1953.

Josephine Spencer, 1949; Kenneth and Josephine Spencer, Wuppertal, Germany, circa 1953.

Josephine Spencer was her husband's right hand person in all matters both public and private. She took on the role as secretary, promoter and business partner for Kenneth's demanding schedule. Her charm, intelligence and business acumen enabled Kenneth to concentrate on his career and continue with vocal training and study.



Kenneth and Josephine Spencer after one of Kenneth's concerts, Germany, circa 1953



William Spencer was born in Paris in March 1951. He is shown on left with his parents in Paris, on the right, he sings with his dad in Wuppertal in a photo-op for a German newspaper article, circa 1955.